Need Restorations For Damaged Teeth? Why CEREC-Designed Crowns Are The Way To Go

Posted on: 11 December 2017
If your inlays or onlays keep breaking down, it may be time to start looking at partial crowns or even implants with complete crowns. Porcelain crowns are a great cosmetic restoration because not only do they help you retain the tooth's function, but they look aesthetically pleasing. Getting a restoration is ideal since jawbone areas with missing teeth can actually decrease in bone density. If you do decide to get a crown, you may also want to consider CEREC-designed restorations.
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5 Tips For Wearing Braces

Posted on: 14 November 2017
Having a nice smile may require some effort on your part. If you don't have straight teeth, you can choose braces to enable you to reach your goal. This is a useful option for straightening crooked teeth. Knowing specific tips to follow when having this dental procedure done is sure to be helpful to you. Tip #1: Keep your braces clean It's essential to brush and floss your teeth daily when wearing braces.
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Four Reasons Your Child Needs Their Cavities Fixed

Posted on: 15 October 2017
As a parent, you might be wondering just how important your child's dental is when they still only have their baby teeth. After all, those teeth are going to fall out, so how important can they really be? This way of thinking is one of the main reasons child with cavities do not get those cavities treated. Here are four reasons that needs to change: Baby Teeth Help Adult Teeth Come In: If there is a cavity that is not filled in the baby teeth, then the tooth can become so decayed that it is lost before it's actually ready.
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Dental Bonding Vs. Veneers: Which One Is Right For You?

Posted on: 19 September 2017
If you have any tooth aberrations, like chips, discoloration, or gaps, you may be looking into cosmetic dentistry procedures. Two popular options for fixing imperfections are veneers and dental bonding. But each procedure has its pros and cons, so of course, it's a good idea to compare them both and pick the one that's best suited for your situation: What is Dental Bonding? A dental bond (also known as composite bonding) is just what it sounds like: a resin is bonded to your tooth.
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