• Should You Do A Full Mouth Replacement All At Once Or In Stages?

    Sometimes dentists recommend patients have all their teeth pulled because of widespread damage caused by disease or poor care. Luckily, dental technology has advanced enough that you can get a full set of replacement teeth with just a few office visits. The main question then becomes whether you should get all your teeth replaced at the same time or do the procedure in stages. Can You Afford the Time? Doing a full-mouth replacement typically means getting dentures and the best type to have installed are implant-supported ones.
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  • Should You Replace A Missing Tooth Or Not?

    An interesting fact about losing a permanent tooth is that you can learn to live with the gap. However, you should know that a missing tooth affects your oral and overall health in countless ways. For example, the gap can cause a change in facial construction and affect your appearance. As such, you may want to avoid these consequences. In such cases, dentists advise you to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible after its loss.
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