Foods To Eat And Avoid After A Dental Crown Procedure

Posted on: 19 September 2022

Most foods are safe to eat with dental crowns, but others can cause your crowns to loosen, break, or come off. Damaged dental crowns can allow bacteria, plaque, and food remnants to lodge between the crown and tooth. Consequently, you become more prone to decay and other infections. Therefore, you are better off if you know the type of food to eat and those to avoid to keep your dental crowns safe.

Foods To Eat After Dental Crown Procedure

You can manage your dental crown treatment area with the healthy foods discussed below.

Dairy Products

Dairy foods contain minerals like phosphorus and calcium, which restore your teeth and gums. Most dairy products also contain high proteins, which speeds up recovery. Cottage cheese, yogurt, and milk are ideal dairies to consider.

Soups and Stews

Warm soups and stews are rich in nutrients that help you heal faster. You can prepare casseroles in many ways to improve your meal options and prevent monotony. However, avoid many ingredients and hot soups since excess heat weakens the cement.

Smooth Liquids

Take softer liquids without chunks that could stick around the crown area. Shakes and smoothies have nutrients that enhance the site's recovery. In addition, ensure the drinks aren't too cold since your teeth may be sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Foods To Avoid After Your Dental Crown Procedure

After your dental crown procedure, the categories to avoid are hard, sticky, and sugary foods.

Hard Foods

Although dental crowns are durable, hard foods exert unnecessary pressure that could dislodge or break your dental crowns. Hard foods to avoid include nuts, raw carrots, ice, and hard fruits like apples.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods include caramel, taffy, chewing gum, and chewy candies. When you eat sticky food, your teeth can adhere together and pull on your dental crowns. Besides, the pull from the mentioned foods can loosen or detach your dental crowns from the tooth.

Sugary Foods and Drinks

Sugar can remain behind your teeth or the area between the bottom of your teeth and crowns. So, avoid sugary food and drinks with dental crowns. Besides, the bacteria in plaque thrive on sugar. Therefore, sugary foods increase the risk and speed of tooth decay. Examples of sugary foods to avoid include sodas, sweetened fruit juices, cakes, and candies.


Follow the above guide in choosing the ideal dental crowns-friendly foods. Also, chew more using the unaffected part of your teeth to prevent the possibility of damaging your crowns. Then, when you heal, you'll be better positioned to widen your food choice. 

Lastly, when unsure about your food choice, ask your dentist about it for a comprehensive answer. 

For more information about dental crowns, contact a local dentist.