4 Things to Ask For the Next Time You Visit the Dentist’s Office

Posted on: 14 December 2021

Most people don't really like going to the dentist's office. However, routine dental care is necessary for good oral health. Fortunately, small adjustments can make visiting the dentist's office more bearable. Here are four things you can ask for to make your next trip to the dentist's office more comfortable:

1. Topical Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is used before dental procedures to provide pain relief during invasive treatments. Unfortunately, the injection of local anesthesia can be slightly painful. If you're afraid of needles, asking for topical anesthesia can help. Topical anesthesia can be applied to the surface of your gums before a numbing shot is administered. This can help you feel less pain overall. 

2. Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is commonly used as an anxiolytic during dental treatments. It can be administered through a small mask that fits over a patient's nose, leaving their mouth free for dental examinations and procedures. Nitrous oxide offers the benefit of dissipating from a patient's system quickly. As soon as the mask is removed from your nose, you will feel normal again. This means that you can drive yourself to and from your dental appointment without worrying about lingering impairment due to anti-anxiety drugs. Many dentists have nitrous oxide on hand, but you may need to ask for it if you would like to utilize it during your next dental appointment.

3. Headphones

Some people find that listening to music during their dental appointments makes the time pass more quickly. Having something to focus on during your dental procedures can relieve some of your anxiety. You can feel free to bring your headphones to your next dental appointment. However, some dentists have headphones to lend to patients. Noise-canceling headphones can allow you to enjoy your favorite music or podcast while turning out the sounds of your dental appointment that may be upsetting. 

4. Detailed Explanations

Some people find that medical procedures are less frightening when they know exactly what to expect. If you're a nervous dental patient, you can ask your dentist to explain everything to you as they work. Your dentist can show you each tool they plan to use before they use it. Some dentists will even demonstrate the use of these tools on your hand to put your mind at ease. When there are no unpleasant surprises at the dentist's office, you may find that you mind even invasive procedures significantly less.