Pros And Cons Of Booking Two Separate Dental Appointments When Substantial Cleaning Is Needed

Posted on: 5 November 2018

If it's been a while since you visited a dentist and have finally made an appointment for an initial consultation, you may learn that you have a significant about of plaque that has built up on your teeth, especially along where they meet your gums. Your dentist will want to book a cleaning appointment, and may indicate that this appointment will be longer than usual. One alternative to consider is to ask for two separate cleaning appointments instead of one lengthy one. Here are some pros and cons of this idea:

Pro: It Breaks Up The Discomfort

When you book two cleaning appointments instead of one lengthy appointment, you'll be giving yourself some reprieve from any discomfort associated with the process. A good dental hygienist won't cause pain during the cleaning, but you might not like the sensation of holding your mouth open for an extended period of time — something that will be necessary during a longer-than-average cleaning. It may be more appealing to have a pair of shorter appointments.

Con: You May Get Worked Up Twice

While many people feel fine about going to the dentist, some people experience a case of the nerves. If it takes a lot for you to go to the dental clinic — this may be the reason that you went a long time between appointments — the idea of having to attend a pair of cleaning sessions instead of one lengthier one may not be very appealing for you.

Pro: It's Easier On The Hygienist

While you might want to make this decision based around yourself, there's no denying that you should give some thought to the dental hygienist who will be doing the cleaning. This can be an arduous task, especially if there's a lot of hardened plaque, and a lengthy appointment may be difficult for this dental professional. Breaking the work into two appointments will be less fatiguing for him or her.

Con: You'll Invest More Time

Attending two appointments instead of one will require more of a time investment. While the amount of time that you spend in the dentist's chair might be the same, regardless of whether you attend one long appointment or two short ones, you should consider the length of travel between your home and the dental clinic. Depending on where you live and traffic conditions in the area, there may be a considerable time investment to visit twice.

If it's been a while since your last dental visit, contact clinics like Carpenter Dental for more information about what to expect from your next cleaning.