It's Time For Your Kids To Go Back To School: Why Back-To-School Plans Should Include A Trip To The Dentist

Posted on: 24 August 2018

The new school year is about to begin. It's time to start getting your kids ready. If you haven't scheduled their back-to-school dental appointment, it's time to do that. You might not realize this, but your kids need to see the dentist before they head back to school, even if they don't seem to be having any current dental issues. Starting your kids out with a trip to the dentist is a good way to encourage proper oral hygiene. Here are four important reasons why your child should start the new school year out with a trip to the dentist.

Start the School Year with Clean Teeth

When it comes to the new school year, you probably start your kids out with new clothes, new shoes, and new school supplies. However, you should also start them out with clean teeth. That's a great way for your kids to make a great first impression when they head back to school. It's also a great way to make sure that your kids are protected against new cavities this year. Best of all, it's a great way to get your kids in the habit of having their teeth cleaned.

Catch Issues Before They Cause Problems

When your kids head back to school, you want them to be able to succeed in their studies. However, that can be difficult if they're dealing with tooth pain or other dental problems. Unfortunately, your dentist won't be able to catch those issues if your kids don't start the school year out with a visit to the dentist. Luckily, when you schedule a dental exam prior to the start of the new school year, your kids' dentist will be able to catch those minor issues and take care of them before they have a chance to develop into a painful dental problem later on.

Identify Future Orthodontic Needs

Now that your kids are growing up, it's time to keep track of potential orthodontic concerns. By taking your kids for a dental exam before school starts, their dentist will be able to identify future orthodontic needs, which means that treatment will be able to begin on time. Luckily, with proper treatment, orthodontic problems can be overcome and teeth can be properly straightened.

Get Fitted for Protective Mouth Gear

If your kids are going to be involved in sports this school year, now's the right time to get them to the dentist. This back-to-school dental visit will allow your dentist the opportunity to fit your kids with their protective mouthguards, which will help prevent dental injuries while they're participating in sports.

Start the school year out right by taking your kids to see their dentist before classes begin. Be sure to talk to your kids' dentist about any questions or concerns you might have. Call a dental office, such as Alaska Dentistry For Kids, for more information.