3 Reasons Why Denture Implants Are A Great Tooth Replacement Option

Posted on: 29 June 2018

When you are missing multiple teeth, chances are you just want a replacement that's going to be easy, quick, and long-lasting. Denture implants are one of the potential possibilities for many people. If you're trying to decide between multiple replacement options, here's why you should consider denture implants one of the best.

Firmly Mounted

Standard dentures are a time-honored method of replacing missing teeth, but they do have certain downsides. Denture implants beat one of the most common complaints: they don't move.

Denture implants are mounted the same way that standard dental implants are. A titanium post is used to anchor your dentures, keeping them firmly in place above your gums. Your dentures will not shift, wiggle, or fall out at any time.

Fewer Posts Than Implants

While denture implants use the same methods as dental implants, they're much easier for people with multiple missing teeth.

With dental implants, a post is set in place for every single tooth you want to have replaced. With dentures, instead, only a few implants are used. The implants are evenly distributed across your upper and lower jaw, which results in you needing far fewer than one implant per tooth. Each implant provides a strong base and anchor for the dentures that will be attached to them. By using fewer implants, you'll have less downtime recovering from the procedure and you'll be able to heal more easily.

Less Expensive

Dentures are one of the less expensive options for replacing missing teeth, and the same is true of dental implants. While the process of having your dentures be made permanent with implants takes a little extra cash, it's still far less expensive than a full set of dental implants or even bridges in many cases. Your dentist will be able to tell you the exact cost based on your personal dental needs. If you need to budget wisely but don't want a tooth replacement that will leave you frustrated or spending more money in the near future, denture implants are a great way to go.

Denture implants offer the security and permanence of dental implants with the low cost and efficiency of standard dentures. Taking steps to have your missing teeth replaced will help to improve the way you look, boost your self-esteem, and allow you to eat anything you want. If you're tired of having missing teeth, get in contact with a dentist like Rutherford Gregory S DDS today.