Four Reasons Your Child Needs Their Cavities Fixed

Posted on: 15 October 2017

As a parent, you might be wondering just how important your child's dental is when they still only have their baby teeth. After all, those teeth are going to fall out, so how important can they really be? This way of thinking is one of the main reasons child with cavities do not get those cavities treated. Here are four reasons that needs to change:

  1. Baby Teeth Help Adult Teeth Come In: If there is a cavity that is not filled in the baby teeth, then the tooth can become so decayed that it is lost before it's actually ready. When this happens, it's more difficult for the adult teeth to push their way in. This is because when the baby teeth naturally fall out, the gums start to make room for the adult teeth to better push their way through. Thus, allowing the adult teeth to grow in full and strong. 
  2. Teaches Good Oral Health Habits: Children who grow up without handling certain dental emergencies, such as a cavity tend to take oral health much less seriously. The chances of these children growing up and going to the dentist regularly are less likely. This can lead to a huge number of oral health problems. Besides, your dentist can have the opportunity to talk with your child about what can be done to avoid cavities, such as limiting the amount of candy and juice that they eat and drink. This is helpful for you as a parent anyway. 
  3. It Can Become Painful: As decay sets in, cavities can become especially painful. You definitely don't want your child to have to live with tooth pain, especially if it means missed time from school and sensitivity when eating or drinking. Taking care of the cavities right away will prevent this pain from becoming a huge disruptor in your child's day to day life. 
  4. Minimize Expensive Dental Procedures: Just because cavities can be avoided, which they shouldn't be, doesn't mean that other oral health problems that develop can. Your child, even at this young age can be susceptible to gum disease and other oral health problems that can be expensive to deal with. Taking care of your child's teeth, even when it's just their baby teeth is so important for this reason. 

If you have any concerns at all about your child's first filling, be sure and talk with their dentist. Chances are, your child can receive laughing gas to help prevent the feeling of any pain. In the end, it's going to be well worth it. Contact a dental office like Persona  Dental for more information and assistance.