Why Discolored Teeth Are More Than Just An Aesthetic Issue

Posted on: 18 April 2016

Teeth that are bright white not only look nicer than teeth that are yellow and discolored, but white teeth can also be a sign of healthy teeth. If your teeth are discolored in any way, you might be embarrassed by the color; however, discolored teeth can be more of an issue than looks alone. Discolored teeth can actually be a sign of dental problems, and here are three things you should know about this issue.

What Causes Discoloration Of Teeth?

Over time, teeth can become discolored for many reasons. In many cases, it occurs from the beverages people consume. For example, drinking coffee, tea, and red wine will cause your teeth to begin turning from white to yellow. While the change in color is something you may notice after a while, you might not realize that this change in color might also be affecting the strength of your teeth.

How Does Discoloration Represent Other Issues?

As your teeth slowly begin to discolor, they may actually be losing strength. The things you eat and activities you take part in that lead to discoloration do so for several reasons. First, they expose your teeth to substances that stain, and this is what will initially cause the color changes.

Secondly, they may damage the enamel on your teeth. Enamel is white in color, and it is there to protect your teeth. If your teeth are slowly turning yellow, it is likely that your teeth are losing the enamel they contain. This means that yellow teeth may actually have more risks to decay and other problems than teeth that are white in color.

Does Teeth Whitening Protect Teeth?

Whitening your teeth with at-home products or at a dentist's office will help you achieve whiter teeth if the stains are just external; however, this is not enough to make your teeth healthier and stronger. Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth or enamel in any way, which is good, but the mere act of making your teeth whiter is not going to help you have teeth that are stronger.

If your teeth are stained, they are likely to be weaker than naturally white teeth. Teeth whitening may help you feel better about the way your teeth look, but you should also make sure you take care of your teeth in other ways to keep them strong. This includes daily brushing and flossing, and you can also strengthen your teeth by using fluoride products.

If you would like to learn more about the health of your teeth, contact a dentist today to schedule an appointment for an examination and cleaning.

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