Dental Crowns: Beyond The Basics

Posted on: 1 November 2019

Most people know only the basics about crowns unless they have had them. That is, that they are put over damaged teeth and look like teeth. However, there's a lot more to getting dental crowns than you might know. That is just what this article will focus on; teaching you about them.

Do crowns hurt?

The process is not an invasive one. Plus, the dentist will give you a local anesthesia to help with any discomfort one may experience if they have sensitive teeth. Once the dental crown is in place, you may have to get used to the feeling of having something different in your mouth, especially if your tooth was severely damaged enough that it had a different shape to it. However, you shouldn't have any pain from the crown.

Can a crown get a cavity?

You might be concerned if you can get a cavity in your crown, especially if you tend to get a lot of cavities. You will be glad to know that crowns are incapable of getting cavities. However, you still need to treat it with care, because it can get damaged and it can stain. Also, the tooth that's still under the crown can still get a cavity, so brush and floss the crown and around it.

Can a damaged crown be repaired?

If you are worried that you would have to have the entire crown replaced with a new one if it should happen to be chipped, then you can put your worries at ease. In cases where a chip is minimal, the dentist would be able to repair them by adding and shaping a composite resin on them. However, you do need to realize if you get a large chip in your crown, then it may need to be replaced. This is one reason why you need to treat your crown with the same care you would your real teeth. Also, if your crown comes off, make sure you put it in a plastic bag and take it in with you to the dentist. They can generally cement it back in place.

What are some good reasons to opt for a crown?

Some of the good things about crowns are:

  • They look like teeth and most people can't tell you have a crown
  • They are strong
  • They take no extra care than what you are already giving your teeth
  • They can be put on all the teeth in your mouth
  • They feel real
  • They are permanent