3 Ways To Help Your Child Brush Properly

Posted on: 24 August 2016

If your child is usually restless, you may find it difficult to keep the youngster focused on brushing his or her teeth. However, there are multiple measures that you can take to alleviate your frustration and encourage your child to brush properly for the recommended time period. Here are a few of them:

Use plaque tablets.

Plaque tablets color the areas of your child's teeth that are covered by sticky, decay-causing plaque. By covering these areas of the teeth with a readily visible substance, the tablets can help your child target places in his or her mouth that need more attention during brushing.

Most children like the idea of erasing or eliminating something that they perceive as bad. To encourage your child to brush away the revealed plaque, explain how the substance can cause cavities that may need to be filled by the dentist. Additionally, you can show your child pictures of dental decay to help him or her understand the ramifications of not brushing plaque away properly.

When your child brushes all of the colored deposits from his or her mouth, offer your little one a small tooth-friendly reward. The reward can be offered daily or cumulatively. For instance, if your child does a good job of brushing the plaque away on a daily basis for a week, you could allow them to spend an hour or two at the park as a reward.

Set a timer.

Many of today's smartphones include a time-keeping application. You can set your phone's timer to count down from two minutes and notify you of the period's expiration using an audible alert, such as music or a beeping sound. Over time, the repeated timing of your child's brushing sessions will help him or her to recognize how long two minutes actually is. Also, the use of an alarm can help your child feel as though brushing is a fun game with an intended finish line.

Brush with your youngster.

By brushing your teeth next to your child, you can help keep them focused. Additionally, you can easily assess your little one's brushing techniques and make adjustments to his or her brushing style as they make mistakes. As a result, the consistent reinforcement of the correct way to brush can help your child adhere to recommended brushing techniques, such as the use of small circular motions and the act of brushing the tongue.

To learn more ways to encourage your child to brush properly and other dental care concerns, schedule a consultation with a pediatric dentist in your area.