What To Expect When Having Your Braces Removed

Posted on: 15 December 2015

After several long months, there's a good chance you're anxious about the day when you can finally have your braces removed and your perfect smile unleashed. You probably have plenty of questions and concerns about the removal process, including how long it'll take and if you'll feel any pain or discomfort. The following answers these and several other questions about having your braces removed.

How Will Your Orthodontist Remove Your Braces?

Removing braces is largely a two-step process. The first step involves removing the archwire and brackets from the teeth. Your orthodontist will use specially-designed pliers to clamp down and squeeze on each bracket, breaking its bond with each tooth. In most cases, both the archwire and brackets are usually removed as one unit, although it's not uncommon for the archwire to be removed first and the individual brackets loosened individually.

Afterwards, your orthodontist will use a high speed handpiece and a finishing bur to polish away any leftover adhesive lingering on the enamel.

How Long Will It Take?

The amount of time it takes to have your braces removed from start to finish often varies due to a variety of factors, including any other work your orthodontist plans to perform on your teeth prior to or after the removal. The removal process usually takes about an hour for your orthodontist to perform, in most cases.

Is There Any Pain Involved?

Pain is one of the most prominent concerns expressed by many people when it comes to orthodontic procedures. The mental imagery of overly sharp hooks, picks and other menacing dentistry tools is so prominent that it overshadows a not-so-surprising fact about most orthodontic procedures, including braces removal: they're relatively painless.

There's no pain involved in having your braces removed. Local anesthesia is unnecessary as a result and any post-procedure discomfort can be handled with over-the-counter medicines and strict guidelines about dental care after the procedure is complete.

Keep in mind that many younger patients may deliberately exaggerate their orthodontic experiences just to get a rise out of their friends.

What to Expect Afterwards

After your braces are finally removed, your orthodontist will have a set of retainers ready for you to wear. You'll need these if you want to keep your hard-earned smile, as this device helps keep your teeth perfectly aligned while your teeth settle into their new-found positions. If you don't wear them, you could find your teeth shifting back into their original positions.

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